The 2019 Infinitis Redesign

2019 Infinitis Specs

The 2019 Infinitis wins our minds with its fuel-efficiency and low running costs. Our hearts are a different story.  The 2019 Infinitis quietly marches on this year—literally and figuratively. Not much has changed from last year, beyond a larger touchscreen in top-tier models Prime plug-in versions. The 2019 Infinitis is two years removed from a total overhaul and hitting its (fuel-efficient) stride.

 2019 Infinitis Redesign and Concept

The The 2019 Infinitis Redesign Prime looks better to our eyes, if only because it smooths over the stilted edges from the 2019 Infinitis. There are many angles and shapes in the 2019 Infinitis face, flanks, and fanny.

 2019 Infinitis Specs

The performance follows the same logic as it always has: a frugal inline-4 teamed with batteries for maximum mileage. It’s a jumble of lines wrapped around the iconic liftback shape that the 2019 Infinitis has largely cornered.

Inside, it’s similarly busy but thankfully upgraded from outgoing generations. The 2019 Infinitis has a face that only hybrid aficionados could love. The 2019 Infinitis skips our trends in hopes that taste will come around again in the way, say, leg warmers and cut-off tees won’t get us kicked out of our favorite restaurant. Again.

The 2019 Infinitis New Review

The newest generation has a lower and sleeker nose than before, which gives it a sharper entry than the rounded shapes from yesteryear. Along the sides, the Prius uses several tricks and slashes to break up the slab-sided looks from outgoing cars.

New 2019 Infinitis Concept, Redesign and Review

But those taillights have tails of their own, making them almost into question marks that point down toward the ground, drawing attention to the height of the tail, despite a blacked-out lower section of the rear bumper cover. The 2019 Infinitis doesn’t prioritize performance.

 2019 Infinitis Review and Price

Best 2019 Infinitis Release Date

 2019 Infinitis Research New

New 2019 Infinitis Review and Specs

2019 Infinitis Research New

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