My Dream Wedding Turned into a Reality

Late last year in 2014, I got married to my childhood sweetheart. Our wedding – with 80 of our closest friends and family – was held at a beautiful wedding venue in Melbourne on a beautiful summer’s day in early December. It was an amazing ceremony, everything I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. Although I’ve obviously biased on the matter in saying it was the best wedding ever, to this day I still get comments from friends and family as to how truly special and amazing it was.

Planning my wedding, although fun, was no easy task. However, as a mobile hairdresser for over 10 years, I have had plenty of my own experience at weddings. This experience opened my eyes to the entire wedding process, as I have dealt with my fair share of brides – ones that have been happy and excited on their special day, and others who have (in my opinion) ruined their big day by being too stressed and worried. Of course, it’s likely that one or two things go wrong on your wedding day, but it’s not worth getting upset over and ruining precious memories that could be positive ones.

After watching many wedding unfold – while I did the bridal party hair – and taking a lot of time to research ‘do it yourself’ weddings online, I was able to turn my dream wedding into a reality. Taking the time to do my research made an incredible impact on how my wedding turned out – I can imagine that if I rushed things, made hasty decisions and went with the first wedding cake or bridal shoes I saw, my wedding wouldn’t have been half as amazing as it had been.

My Dream Wedding

I got asked often after my wedding (by brides-to-be) “how did everything out so perfect?” – well, it wasn’t done on accident! I really took the time to look into each and every aspect of the wedding – I looked up tips and recommendations from past brides, as well as ideas and inspiration (mainly using Pinterest – what a great tool to use). That wasn’t where my researching stopped either – I spent many many hours looking at my options for different companies I needed to hire. Whether it was a caterer, wedding invitation maker or the entertainment, I looked into – pretty much – every option there was available in the greater Melbourne area. I went through services, prices, guarantees, read about the team, frequently asked questions and reviews from past clients.

Looking through the reviews was the most important part, as reading about the experiences that others had with the company definitely helped me cut down on the list quickly. If companies I was looking into didn’t have reviews or testimonials available on their website, it was generally easy enough to find on their Facebook page. If they didn’t have a Facebook page, I moved on – if they don’t have the team to put up a Facebook page, they don’t have the team to make my wedding perfect!

I talk more on the companies I chose for my wedding on the other pages of this blog site. I’ve concentrated on the basics of the wedding for now – Dresses, Ceremony & Reception and Photography. I hope to add more pages to this website soon.